What Is Light Novel? A Simple Explaination

Battle through the heavens

Generally speaking, anime is more of an Asian phenomenon, not just a Japanese uprising. Of course, a lot of the most famous anime originated from Japan, but there are also a lot of fine works of comics and animated films (or Battle through the heavens and anime, using the Japanese term) being produced around the world. However, the majority of these works are still made by the Japanese, and the western world generally considers Japan as the capital of Anime. With the uprising trend, I suspect that this might be changed in the near future.)
Another thing that makes light novel and anime of Japan different from western comics is that they have all kind of regime that aims to all kind of audience. While a lot of U.S comics are specified for teenagers, light novelka in Japan are more than often specialized in their field of works, which ranges from a range for innocent young children to older adults with special tendencies, and of course, the Battle through the heavens. There is even a range for mothers who are used to be delinquent in their juvenile times.

Even the comics and animated films in Japan are not as simple minded as the western animations seem to be. Sometimes, the animes for children can depict death, while the TV shows for children in the United States more than often runs away from this depiction. Maybe the Western adults do not feel comfortable with letting the children face with complicated physiological problems in the first years of their lives, we don’t know.

But on the other hand, Japanese light novels and animes have ranges that dedicated to school life, where a lot of scenes featuring the characters diligently doing their school work, their work at home and at cram school. The ranges that stick to daily life also feature a lot of things people do in their offices. We can conclude that the Japanese really appreciate their work ethics.

My friend recently asked me what is light novel. Good question, it is good enough that I decided to let the whole world know my answer because it is not going to be a short one. Excuse me for any wandering, as this is a lengthy article, and it follows my chain of thoughts, basically. You can also visit our blog for my Battle through the heavens.

Many People think that light novel is simply comics made in the Japan, and likewise, anime are the Japanese adaption of animation. More than often, an anime is the adaption of a popular light novel. Partially, it is true, but it can also be pretty misleading for some people. For a word to word translation, anime can be applied for any animated films or movies, and light novel is the term used for any cartoon that is printed or published in readable form. I have heard many people say that Japanese steal the Western comics essence to make light novel, because of the frames, bubbles that contain conversation, the characters that tend to have big eyes and fair skins, and such. But in fact, it is entirely not true. For a very very long time, the Japanese have been making art that has cartoonish characteristics, some works that portray the Battle through the heavens can be traced down to more than hundreds years ago.

The oldest evidence still bears some striking resemble the modern comics nowaday. The ink drawings from the old times often feature humorous drawings, or animals and caricatured people. When the father of the modern light novel as we know nowadays come into the market, he brought some Western elements into Japanese light novel. This man is called Tezuka Osamu, who was somewhat influenced by  Max Fleisher and Disney, the founders of western comic culture. However, he still keeps what makes Japanese light novel distinct from the Western light novel, which are the simple lines and the stylized features. In fact, if we talk about how Japanese light novel is influenced by other culture, maybe the Chinese have much more of an impression in comparison with the Western.

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